Aims, Objectives and Quality Policy


  • The overall aim of the Henley Clinic is to provide high quality service and treatments to all patients/clients in all areas of the clinic, Reception, Beauty Salon, Nail Studio and Medical Suite. (The full range of services and treatments are included in treatment section of this website).
  • The Henley Clinic staff will be fully trained and certificated where appropriate in all the treatments, products, services that are offered throughout the clinic.
  • The Henley Clinic commitment is to ensure regular update training is carried out in each area of the clinic by all permanent staff, visiting staff, specialists and physicians.
  • The Henley Clinic will only introduce new PROVEN treatments and procedures under full available legislation, ensuring the staff is fully trained and conversant with all aspects of the treatment, its outcomes and side effects, to ensure the best possible outcome for all patients/clients.
  • Each patient/client will be given full information on each treatment and/or course of treatments they are planning. This covers; what the actual treatment consists of, outcomes, contra-indications, side effects and what the patient/client can expect pre, during and post treatment.



Registered Provider and Registered Manager


Barry Bartlett

Proprietor and Managing Director

Henley Clinic Ltd

24A Tuns Lane




Telephone - 01491 573344



Relevant Qualifications of Registered Provider and Manager


Barry Bartlett is the registered provider and manager registered with the Healthcare Commission (HCC) to ensure all aspects of the HCC guidelines are in place adhered to and continually update in the Henley Clinic.


Barry Bartlett has been the proprietor and owner of the Henley Clinic since April 2003 and previously spent 25 years within the pharmaceutical industry covering many aspects of prescription and non-prescription drugs in numerous high level business management position's and in the latter years working in management with the Private Clinic sector.



Terms and Conditions


  • All consultations with the physicians, therapists and technicians are free and without obligation.
  • Payments for treatment must be settled at time of treatment taken.
  • When booking a course of treatment, the full cost of the course is to be paid for on the first treatment session of the course.
  • There are no deferred payment terms and/or credit.
  • All appointments will be confirmed by phone with all clients/patients prior to your appointment, (unless specifically requested by the client/patient that a confirmation call is not wanted)
  • 24 hours notice is required for any cancellations otherwise a 50% fee of the booked treatment may be charged



Client Declaration Form


Every Patient/client will be asked to complete a record consultation card or consultation questionnaire (depending upon treatment being taken) this may be self completed and/or done in conjunction with the person who will be carrying out your treatment.


Following this, a full explanation of the treatment, outcomes, and potential side effects will be discussed with each patient/client and each patient/client will be asked to sign a declaration that the above has been covered and the patient/client is happy to proceed with the treatment.



Patient/Client Complaints Policy and Procedure


  • The Henley Clinic under the guidance of the Healthcare Commission has in place a patient/client complaints policy and procedure.
  • Any complaints on any aspect of a patient/client's time, treatment, service, information given at the Henley Clinic that they believe is worthy of bringing to the attention of the management should be done by following this procedure, which will ensure the complaint is fully investigated.
  • Any complaint can be given to any member of staff , or they can ask to speak to a specific member of staff if required.
  • Full notes will be taken of any patient/clients complaint.
  • All complaints will come to the attention of Barry Bartlett; registered provider, manager and proprietor of the Henley Clinic.
  • All patients/clients submitting a complaint will receive a written acknowledgement within two days, (unless a full reply can be given within five working days)
  • All complaints will be investigated.
  • A full response to the complaint will be made within 20 working days, if investigation is still ongoing a letter stating any reason for delay will be sent.
  • The patient/client will receive written confirmation of the stages of the investigation and outcomes taken.
  • Patients/clients making complaints can request for themselves to be kept anonymous/confidential if desired.
  • Any complaints may also be used for learning purposes to improve services at the Henley Clinic, (these again will be confidential if the complainant desires as outlined above)
  • If any patient/client is not fully satisfied with the outcome of then investigation, this can be taken forward to the Healthcare Commission at address outlined below



Quality Policy of all Services and Treatments


The Henley Clinic is committed to excellence in service and treatments performed in all areas of the clinic, plus we are always looking to improve our service and treatments for all patients and clients. The Henley Clinic will on a regular basis ask patients/clients to complete our Patient/Client Satisfaction Questionnaire to be able to gauge our level of service and to continually be able to upgrade and/or maintain our level of excellence wherever possible.


On the analysis of these questionnaires, the results and our actions will be made available to all patients/clients and to the Healthcare Commission.


Copies can be found in reception for completion at home or at the clinic.


If you wish to make any suggestions/recommendations about the clinic, its treatments, products, service, etc, please feel free to write to Barry Bartlett at the Henley Clinic, call on 01491 573344. All of this would be kept completely confidential if requested.



Patients/Clients Privacy and Dignity


The Henley Clinic will respect privacy and dignity of patients/clients at all times. A policy is in place that all staff will not discuss any aspect of a patient/clients treatment with another patient/client.


All patient/client records are held and available for patient/client access in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998.



Healthcare Commission


A copy of the Healthcare Commission inspection report on the Henley Clinic is available from the address below or on the Healthcare Commission website


Healthcare Commission

Dominions House

Lime Kiln Close


BS34 8SR



CALL 01491 573344