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Skin Rejuvenation | Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)


You can book for a completely free and without obligation consultation with one of our Skin Specialists to discuss your needs, requirements and questions.


What is Intense Pulsed Light | The Results

What is Intense Pulsed Light


Intense Pulsed Light is a technological advancement in non-invasive, safe and effective skin rejuvenation for most skin types. Intense Pulsed Light is not a laser but utilises a patented process of safe intense light to the skin and is commonly referred to in magazines and press as I.P.L. treatment.


Many clinical studies have been carried out demonstrating the efficacy of Intense Pulsed Light, while its excellent safety profile is proven and effective in skin rejuvenation on most skin types.


I.P.L. can successfully treat, leg and facial veins, haemangionomas, port wine stains, pigmentation and photo-rejuvenation, i.e. ageing and unwanted lines and wrinkles and mild acne.


Each pulse of light specifically targets the melanin in our pigmentation and stimulates the body's own natural healing and rejuvenation process to remove these skin impurities.


The treatment initially involves a full free of charge and without obligation consultation with one of our skin specialists to discuss the areas to be treated, outcomes, after care, in some cases depending upon the indication and number of areas to be treated, the number of treatments you may require, cost and any questions you may have.


A patch test will also be performed to ascertain its effect on your skin. It will be necessary to wait 24 hours before treatment can begin to assess the outcome of the patch test.


The treatment consists of a wave-guide being drawn over the areas to be treated and a series of flashes will be noticed from the waveguide. You will be required to wear dark safety goggles during the treatment. Some reduction in the condition being treated can be seen after just a few days and this will continue to improve for up to four weeks after treatment.


At the consultation it may be possible to give you an idea of the number of treatments you may require, as one treatment may not give the full effect you may be looking for.



The Results


Generally a course of treatments varying from 2-6 may be required to obtain the full desired effect.


If a course is required, a special course treatment price will be organised for your specific treatments.



Full fact sheet is available at the clinic or can be downloaded here as a PDF



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