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Treatment for reduction of facial Lines and wrinkles

Facial muscle relaxation (botulinum toxin) from our experts of the medical aesthetic team

An introduction to BTX

Currently this is the number one cosmetic treatment used for dynamic (movement associated) lines. The treatment works by relaxing the underlying muscles that cause the skin to crease and develop lines and wrinkles which are the result of normal facial expression and those lines around the face we would like to hold back.

It is most commonly used for crow's feet around the eyes and frown lines on the forehead and upper part of the face, although lower parts of the face around the lips and chin can also be treated. Three main areas injected are as follows, each classified as one area for pricing purposes.

The three currently available and proven BTX's used in the UK and in The Henley Clinic have been used safely and effectively in this form for over 15 years. When injected into a specific muscle it will temporarily immobilise the muscle partially and, depending upon dose, completely if required.

Over the past fifteen years they have been used very successfully in a large number of medical indications, from cerebral palsy children as young as two years of age, spasticity of stroke and MS patients, migraine sufferers, excessive sweating and in facial rejuvenation.

The procedure is very simple, following a full consultation; BTX is injected into the specific muscles to be treated in a number of locations around the face. There is very minimal pain so no local anaesthetic is required. Side effects are rare and transient. The side effects are minimal and cover muscle over-weakness, possible bruising around the injection site, although these are rare they are fully reversible and temporary.

Most treated Areas:

  • Crows Feet (also known as laughter lines)
  • Glabellar (lines between the eyes)
  • Forehead


BTX Crowsfeet before
BTX Crowsfeet after
BTX Frown before
BTX Frown after


What can I expect?

The effects of BTX generally lasts between three to five months although the very first injection may be slightly less than the three months as the physician calculates the dose specifically for you and this is adjusted on a second visit. Patients will see an effect within the first two to three days after injection but the full effect takes between five and seven days.

Towards the end of the three to five month period you will notice the lines returning gradually and a repeat series of injections will be required. We do recommend you book for your next appointment for approximately three months ahead and The Henley Clinic will then remind you nearer the actual time.

A full free consultation with the physician is required before you embark on any treatment and is of course without any obligation.

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