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Excessive Sweating - Hyperhidrosis

BTX – an effective treatment in reducing and/or eradicating excessive sweating – underarms, hands etc...

An introduction to Hyperhidrosis

It is estimated that approximately 1-3% of the population suffer form hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) which outlines how common this problem actually is.

People with this indication produce a large volume of sweat on the hands, feet, body and the main affected area being the underarm area. It can mean having to change clothing sometimes two to three times per day and potentially it can cause odour although this is not always the case.

BTX using a very fine needle is injected into the armpit in minute amounts into ten to fifteen sites around the affected area of each armpit. Some times a dye is used to show up the areas where sweating is greatest and where the injections should be placed, a treatment session lasts approximately 30 minutes.


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What can I expect?

The partial effect of BTX will be seen after two to three days, with full effect of no sweating after five to seven days. The cessation of the sweating effect in clinical studies showed it can last from anything from four months up to and in excess of eighteen months.

The side effects are minimal and cover muscle over-weakness, bruising around the injection site and a small amount of patients may experience some compensatory sweating in another part of the body.

Other parts of the body apart from the armpits can be treated successfully with BTX such as hands, feet, body, face, but you would need to ensure a full free consultation with the physician.

How many treatments?

Towards the end of the four to eighteen month period you will notice the return of slight sweating as the BTX wears off, this is the time to return for further injections and/or the physician would have advised you accordingly for your return anyway. In some patients the sweating does not reappear at all.

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