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Bespoke Lip enhancement

Lip Fillers - Ensuring beautiful, envied and sensual lips

An introduction to Lip Fillers

Lips NEED to suit your face

Our commitment

Our lip medical practitioners are specifically trained and skilled in these aspects, have good, extensive past experience to perfect for you – beautiful - envied lips.

The Procedure

Before we embark on any treatment with you, a full consultation appointment with our lip practitioner would be required. Time here would be spent discussing with you your desired effect, what you could expect and details on what the treatment would entail.You may want to bring some old photos of yourself and/or photos of what you would like to achieve.

This consultation appointment would also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have on any aspect of the treatment.

From this we would formulate a treatment plan for you and book for your treatment appointment. A treatment plan may also require more than one appointment.

At the Henley Clinic we would be conservative in the initial approach/treatment to achieve that subtle, enviable natural look that can also be built on if so desired.

It is important your lips are compatible with the shape of your face and surrounding areas of the lips. It may be that areas around your lips/mouth area may also need to be treated as well to achieve good compatibility.

There are a number of aspects to getting the correct lips for you and this would all be discussed at your consultation appointment.

Lip treatments cover two areas – lip enhancement (volume) and lip rejuvenation (lipstick bleed lines and droopy corners) whatever the treatment, more than one type of treatment and treatment appointments may be needed to get the desired result for your bespoke lips.


Lip Fillers before
Lip Fillers after
Lip Fillers2 before
Lip Fillers2 after
Belotero Lip before
Belotero Lip after


The treatment appointment

This would be booked post your consultation appointment and would be approx. one hour in duration.

The products used in the procedures are dermal fillers which contain Hyaluronic acid which is also a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. These products are combined with an anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort on the procedure Some people can experience the treatment as a little uncomfortable, an aesthetic cream or local anaesthetic prior to the treatment can also be used, but generally pain is minimal.

Lips can be subject to swelling and bruising but this can vary from patient to patient, which is one of the reasons we are conservative in our initial approach. Any swelling or bruising generally lasts 2-3 days at the most. Following your treatment the practitioner will explain any aftercare you will need to follow.

You can book for a completely free and without obligation consultation with one of Medical aesthetic physicians to discuss your needs, requirements and questions.

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