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Effective Thread/Spider Veins Treatment

The gold standard treatment for reduction and removal of thread veins

An introduction to Thermavein

Thermavein – The gold standard treatment Thread veins/Spider veins

What are Thread veins and Spider Veins

Thread veins also termed as spider veins can generally befound on the face, legs and other parts of the body. They are small clusters offine veins running close to the skin surface and have an enlarged appearance.Although these veins do not represent any health risks, they can cause manypeople to feel self-conscious and/or lose self-confidence.

Treating Thread/Spider veins

They can be treated by various methods, Laser, IPL,Sclerotherapy. In the Henley clinic we use all of the above depending upon thevarious factors of the vein/s to be treated. Primarily we use the “Gold Standard” Thermavein treatment aswe believe it offers the best results avoiding any damage to the skin and isrelatively painless (mild stinging sensation).


Thermovein chin before after
Before & After
Thermovein skin before after
Before & After
Thermovein nose side before after
Before & After
Thermovein nose top before after
Before & After
Thermovein skin2 before after
Before & After
Thermovein cheek side before after
Before & After
Thermovein nose closeup1 before after
Before & After


How does Thermavein work?

Thermavein uses a tiny nickel probe which is placed over theindividual veins. The vein is then heated using microwaves causing the vein tocollapse and be destroyed. Once destroyed the same thread vein will not comeback. Each treatment generally will last 15-30 minutes depending on the extentof the veins to be treated and maybe one or more subsequent sessions may beneeded to get your final results 

What are the after effects of treatment?

Generally Thermavein is very well tolerated and most patienthardly feel a thing or a tiny hair-pluck sensation during the treatment. Somepatients will have a little redness or mild cat scratch look to the skin butthis will usually last a few days only and can easily be covered up by make-upanyway if required.

With Thermavein there is no risk any permanent scarring orskin colour changes after treatment. Leaving a perfect looking skin. The veinstreated will not return.

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