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Micro-needling harnesses the natural power of skin rejuvenation and collagen production

Needling is used to rejuvenate and combat scarring, enlarged pores, liners and wrinkles, non-elastic skin, sun damage, age spots, acne and eye-bags

An introduction to Micro-Needling

Micro-needling in The Henley Clinic uses the most advanced and unique injection device "The Nanopore stylus" which utilises ultra thin needles vibrating up to 150 pulses per second and creating microscopically small punctures in the skin’s dermis where our collagen lives. This intentional injury induces a controlled healing response in this layer of the skin, by triggering and releasing growth factors and incremental collagen. All these factors will lead to firmer, more elastic skin with a more refined and healthier looking skin surface.

This process also helps to enlarge the skin pores and reduce acne scarring.


Microneedling Acne before
Microneedling Acne after


What types of skin will benefit from this procedure?

Micro-puncturing Meso-therapy skin peels can be safely performed on most skin types and colours. All of this will be covered in a consultation appointment before any treatment is started

What are the side effects of the procedure?

Micro-puncturing and Meso-therapy skin peels are a safe and effective procedure and in The Henley Clinic is only carried out by one of our fully trained staff. Any minor side effects usually subside within 24-48 hours these may include erythema, stinging, itching and skin tightness. It is minimally invasive with minimal downtime and requires some simple aftercare

How soon do you see the results?

You will notice some slight change directly after treatment but most can be seen after approx. 2-3 weeks and these results still continuously improve over a longer period. Our skin heals itself approximately every 6 weeks so the changes will be rapid. A course of 3-6 treatments between is required for optimum results but improvements are certainly seen after just one treatment.

Is there any downtime following the treatment?

Your skin may be red and slightly flushed post treatment, along with skin tightness and mild sensitivity, but this diminishes after a few hours and after one day the skin will be look completely normal . We will give you aftercare instructions and tips following your treatment

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Most people are eligible for the treatment, your experienced practitioner will advise you on your suitability at the consultation appointment

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