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Nano-Tech deep skin peels

Our bespoke Nano-tech peel programme is designed to enhance skin – texture, tone and reverse the ageing effect

An introduction to Skin Peels

Skin peels are specific solutions, gels, oils with active constituents that are used to cause an accelerated skin cell turnover and renewal for a number of varying reasons to enhance the skin:- texture, nourishing, moisturising, reducing the ageing effects, scarring and de-pigmentation. All of these activities of the peel result in the benefit to;

  • Reduce wrinkle depth and firm up skin
  • Eliminate sun spots and improve skin tone
  • Control excess oil and inflammation of skin which could lead to acne
  • Reduce scarring, acne and stretch marks
  • Overall making your skin look fresher, smoother and younger looking


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Nanotech overview
Nanotech Nose before
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What is "NANO-TECHNOLOGY"? (Nano-Tech Peels)

Is a specific technology that allows for the transport/penetration of the peels active constituents into the skin layers and release them into the target site. This allows for smaller amounts of active constituents to be used due to their high level of penetration and controlled release. Indicated for;

  • Line and wrinkle reduction
  • Acne and inflammation
  • Pigmentation
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Hydrating and moisturising
  • Anti-ageing

The bespoke Nano-Tech peels and growth factors are mixed on your appointment depending upon what concerns/areas you would like to target. The specific peel mixture for you will contain constituents such as Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, Growth factors and peptides. This group of cellular activating constitutes have a wide range of benefits on the skin such as hydration, regeneration, anti-pigmentation, repairing, anti-wrinkle and firming of the skin.

What types of skin will benefit from this procedure

These skin peels can be used on most skin types, although certain peels/mixtures of peels may benefit different types of skin and depending upon what you would like to achieve. All of this will be covered in a consultation appointment before any treatment commences

How soon do you see the results?

You will notice minimal change directly after the treatment, but most changes will be noticeable after approximately 2-3 weeks and these results will still continuously improve over a longer period. Our skin heals itself approx every 6 weeks so the changes will be rapid. A course of 3-6 treatments is required for optimum results but improvements are generally seen after just one treatment.

Is there any downtime or side effects following the treatment?

There is very minimal downtime and negligible side effects following your Nano peel. Your skin maybe slightly red and flushed, maybe some skin tightness but this will subside after 1-2 hours. Generally following a peel your skin looks fresher and more vibrant.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Most people are eligible for this treatment, your experienced practitioner will advise on your suitability at the consultation appointment.

The "NANO-TECH PEELS" is strongly recommended to be combined with the the “NANOPORE STYLUS” micro-needling system, to obtain enhanced results

Combining these two important treatments and techniques will ensure the Nano peels penetrate quickly and even deeper into the skin structure. This is due to the opening of the pores with the Nanopore stylus needling plus stimulating the collagen to plump the skin and lift lines.

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